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Fire detection

One of the manufacturor products we use and introduce are provided by Hochiki, it is the leader in the making of fire detection and alarming equipments
It is also known worldwide with its low rate false alarms and huge amount of conventional products made per year
Our company is more than happy to represent this brand in Algeria along with other highly efficient and diverse brands 

Detection devices

aln en smoke detector.png

Hochiki smoke detector

apolo optical smoke detector.jpg

Apollo optical smoke detector

hochiki heat detector.png

Hochiki heat detector

appollo heat detector.jpg

Apollo heat detector

hochiki multi heat sensor.jpeg

Hochiki multi heat sensor

Alert devices


Hochiki Addressable Manual Call Point in red

hochiki- sounders and visual alarm.png

Hochiki sound and visual alarm


Hochiki manual call point

alarm type bell.jpg

Hochiki alarm type bell

Control devices

Go single loop fire alarm panel advanced.jpg

Advanced electronics single loop fire alarm panel

MxPro-5-4-loop  addressable fire panels advanced.jpg

Advanced electronics 5 loop addressable fire alarm panel

for more details and specifications about the products, please visit our supplier's site:
Advanced electronics

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