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Privacy and Confidentiality

Please read this section carefully before you consent to using cookies

What is ECIS company?

We are an algerian cmpany specialized in the study and installation of security systems, our main targets are fires and intrusion threats. We bring out products from different brands all over the world and we aim to collaborate with different other companies

What personal data do we collect

we collect your

login and location data 

device used for the browsing

browsing activity with other sites

Why do we collect this data

we intend to provide the best browsing experience for those who are interested in our website 

the location helps us determine the country therefore the more likely brands and services you might be interested in

the browsing activity and device can tell us whether there is a need for our services for a private use or something bigger like a company and this changes what kind of products and systems you might need as a solution

How are we going to exploit your data

We have no interest or purpose to use your data except for what was mentioned in the previous section

Hence, We guarantee the confidentially of these information and that it won"t be used for any other purpose nor will it be given to a third party.

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